31 May 2006

Still waiting...

Yep. Despite the fact that I was promised information by May 30th, it is now May 31st and I still haven't heard about the status of my abstract. Now, I don't want to be whiney, but I want to know. I hate waiting and the fact that the date has passed with not a word makes me assume the worst. But I'd rather know, than assume.

My newest FOs are not helping.

Pattern: My own
Yarn: Lorna's Laces, Shepherd Sock in "Black Purl", one skein
Needles: Inox metal dpns, US 0
Started: May 3, 2006
Completed: May 29, 2006

Thoughts: Well... I knit them from the toe up, which is nice when you only have one skein and aren't sure how far it will go. I love the yarn. There aren't words enough for it. So smooth, easy to knit, beautiful colors... The pattern was easy (though if I had it to do again, I'd increase a few more stitches at the toe before knitting the foot. I'm getting a little better at the short-row heel, though if you look closely (which you are not allowed to), you can see they are a little ragged. Why am I not pleased? Well... notice that I'm only wearing one in that photo? Can you guess why?

Remember a few days ago, I wrote asking about looser bind-offs for toe-up socks? Many of you wrote with helpful suggestions, including the sewn bind-0ff, which I used successfully on sock #2 (shown on my foot in the picture). I was so pleased with it, I immediately ripped out the bind-off of sock #2 (which worked, albeit very tightly), used the sewn bind-0ff, and immediately wove the end in and snipped it, all without trying it on. Foolish me. Because what worked so beautifully for sock #2 was an absolute disaster for sock #1. I have no idea why, but now I can't even get the damn thing on. I'm so frustrated and disappointed that I can't even bear to look at it. They are now stashed away, under some other stuff, and someday, I'm sure I'll take the time to try and re-do it. But why? Why did this happen? Any ideas?

Between this and the problems with T-SALP, my confidence in my knitting skills has been pretty thoroughly drained.

Not drained enough, though, to prevent me from casting on for New England. Let's hope this goes better... otherwise, I might throw down the needles for good.


Leah said...

Don't throw down the needles!! Just take a break if need be. I know I have had to do that with really rough projects!

Sorry about the bind off! That does suck. I think you just need a seriously fun knit. Something frivilous!! :)

Chris said...

Not knowing anything about the sewn bind off, I can't help... But the sock is totally stunning!

Bat said...

are those my socks jennie?? :)