29 December 2006


Back again...

First, and most importantly, thank you all for your kind words re: my knitting and (more importantly) the mid-winter blues. I know there's lots of 'debate' out there about the line between knitting and the personal, and I appreciate all your support. It's nice being home and tomorrow, I head to Boston for my annual new-years-meet-up with my five best gal-pals from college. I think that will do wonders to refresh my spirit. The last few weeks have caused me to think, quite a bit, and for now I'll say that the new year promises some substantial changes. More on that as things settle themselves.

In the meantime, my holiday knitting is still slowly finding its way to recipients.

I knit this scarf for my brother (who, to my amazement, patiently posed for pictures on Christmas night).

Pattern: My own (sand stitch with a slip-stitch border -- it looks so tidy!)
Yarn: Knit picks Merino Style in "Nutmeg" (or, as Theresa says, whatever they're calling beige these days)
Needles: Lantern Moon, US 8 straights

And speaking of holiday knits, when we were babies, my mom knit these (monster) stockings for us. Santa still struggles to fill them every year (lots of underwear, oranges, and toothpaste over the years!).

More knitting to come as gifts are given... I hope you all had wonderful holidays and, if you don't hear from me before then, a wonderful New Year!


Mintyfresh said...

Time with girlfriends is definitely the best therapy. Great job on the scarf for your bro!

Meg said...

Ahhh, Boston in winter... have a pint at the Plough and Stars for me! Looking forward to hearing what your new year offers!

Laura said...

Happy Christmas and New Year to you, Jennie. I hope that 2007 brings many good things to you!

Have fun with the girls. That sounds like big fun. :)

Theresa said...

Definitely a great "man" scarf. Men seem to love Nutmeg, or Cinnamon, or Curry, or whatever spice-of-the-month beige is. Have a great refreshing New Year's! Say hi to Boston for me!

Chris said...

What a cool stitch on that scarf! I hope you have a wonderful break in Boston and that it's reinvigorating. :) Happy New Year's!

Lolly said...

Very nice scarf!!

Have fun in Beantown ;)

Leah said...

HOW WEIRD! I mean not to yell but I have a stocking JUST like those made for me in 1977 (the year of my birth) by a friend of the family! That must have been a popular pattern that year! Who knew!!

Have a great trip!