03 December 2006

Squirrel and Oak

An FO, a frustration, a confusion, and some growth.


Pattern: Squirrel and Oak Mittens, from Hello Yarn
Yarn: Knitpicks Wool of the Andes, in Chocolate and Fern (I think)
Needles: Brittany dpns, US 5
Begun: uhhh..... not sure (some time during the grant-writing-hell)
Completed: 2 December 2006

Thoughts: I really enjoyed this pattern, although they are a little small (I should have measured my row gauge) and I could not, for the life of me, do the thumb in the fair isle pattern. You'll see that I "cheated" and made solid color thumbs.

These things don't really bother me. I intended these to be an exercise in stranded knitting, and I learned a lot. My tension is a little wonky -- blocking might fix that, but it got cold here suddenly and I just decided to wear them with out blocking. I modified the date at the top -- 2007, baby. I like the idea of imbedding the mittens in time, even if they aren't necessarily of heirloom quality. All in all, I'm pleased with them. I like knitting mittens. I see many more in my future.


I've been working on a pair of Christmas socks that are of my own invention. I took sketchy notes on the first sock, which I finished on the plane to Hawaii. Today, after finishing my Conwy socks (to be debuted tomorrow, when they are dry), I sat down to plug out the second of these new beauties. I knit six inches down the ankle to the heel flap when I noticed something was wrong. Yep. I forgot that I did ankle decreases on the first sock. I have to rip out everything I did today, plus some of the knitting I did before, to add these decreases. The frustration is overwhelming. I fought the urge to scream, folded them quietly, and put them out of sight. I'll return to them later this week.


The poor bush outside my front door. It was so confused by the warm weather we've been having that it's started to bloom. I bet those buds are not happy with the 35 degree weather that arrived with me from the North!


Look closely at this picture. See those dark threads hanging down the front of my knitting? Guess what that is? A lifeline. Yep, I finally learned my lesson and used a lifeline. I'm making up a pattern, and I wasn't sure if my "experiment" was gonna work. So I ran a lifeline through figuring I could rip back if I failed. Glad I did. The experiment did indeed fail. Frustration-free, I ripped back and kept right on knitting. Hurrah!


Mintyfresh said...

Solid thumbs are perfectly acceptable. I totally hear you about the second sock! I do that all the time. As i'm inventing the pattern I don't take notes--I assume I'll remember every little thing--but when I actually sit down to do the second one, it's been too long and i can't remember anything!

Chris said...

The oak and squirrel mittens are extremely cool! I would never have known about the plain thumbs. Pooey on the troublesome 2nd sock...

Anonymous said...

beautiful mittens! i love the colors you chose.