02 June 2006


Today is just one of those days that I woke up happy... tired, disoriented, and in dire need of coffee (as I am these days when I wake up to an alarm -- a rare occurence), but happy. It's summer, and the kind of summer where something about the heaviness of the air conjures up memories of digging up onion grass and playing in the yard as a kid, early morning trips to the pool, hanging out with my older brother and his friends on people's porches, running down the natural stone steps the dock at the house on Lake George -- a flood of memories all wrapped up in the smell and taste and weight of summer in Virginia. I love it. There are times now when I drive with the windows rolled down and I can feel my childhood... it's hard to explain in words. But it feels good. I feel peaceful and motivated and... happy. And I can only experience this in the summer.

And because I've been griping about it, I'll share that I heard back from SEM -- they'll be telling us about our abstract submissions on June 5th. So... I guess I should consider this a lesson learned. And I've stopped holding my breath, because now I've gotten all of the worry out of the way.

I'm away from my camera right now, but I've got progress to show. Remember when I threatened to throw down my needles for good? Well, instead of throwing them down, I'm to the heel flap on my first New England sock. Wow, these puppies knit up quick. And so beautiful... Hopefully there will be pictures this weekend.


Laura said...

Yay! Glad you are having better luck with New England. I can't figure why you had such trouble with the sewn bind off on sock #1. I tend to work it very loosely.

Chris said...

Enjoy an evocative summer. :)

Theresa said...

Can't wait to see the photos. I cast on for my New England socks but haven't gotten very far. The siren song of my shawl is too compelling.