16 May 2006

If I were a different person..

[warning -- there is no knitting content in the following post]

You know how there are those times in life that call for the perfect comeback, but you don't think of it until three hours later, when it's waaaay too late? I had one of these today. I was sitting around the appalshop, waiting to go help out on a film shoot. I struck up a conversation with one of the nice, young interns about coffee (one of my first serious loves). I was telling her how I used to regularly get three or four hours of sleep a night when I was in college (keep in mind, she's a sophomore in college now). She nodded. I then said that I stopped being able to do that when I reached twenty four or twenty five. Her eyes got wide and she asked me "How old are you?" I said that I would be twenty seven in July (because I will be). Her response? "Wow. Twenty Seven. What does it feel like?" I kid you not. I think this is the first time I have ever felt old. Or almost felt old, because how can you feel old when you're not?

This was at lunch. At five o'clock today, I came up with the perfect response to this question. What does it feel like to be twenty seven? It feels just like twenty, but much, much smarter.


msubulldog said...

Ouch! I am so sad you didn't get to use your perfect comeback . . . 'cause it really was perfect. (*files in memory to use against some stupid person in future*)

Chris said...

That's an excellent response - and you probably will get to use it in the future! Heh, I'm going to be 40 at the end of the year and it feels a lot like 27 did - but again, smarter. :)

Laura said...

Aggh! That was the perfect comeback. I can't imagine what this person would say to me -- I'm thirty-seven. I'd be tempted to say, "I feel really pained and crotchety, now that I'm old. I never have any fun, and I even bore myself. You might as well end it all now." But then again, I'm feeling really snarky lately. ;)

Theresa said...