14 May 2006

Seriously, I thought it was spring!

It feels minorly ridiculous to be working on lace when it is 54 degrees outside. What happened to spring? We had a brief teaser and now it's back to winter for us for another week. People down here call this "blackberry winter", "redbud winter" (which makes no sense, since the redbuds have long ago stopped blooming), "dogwood winter" (ditto the last one) or "indian winter" which is funny, because I've only ever heard of "indian summer." In any event, it's cold.

I've added an additional teammate to my Amazing Lace adventure -- well, not a "new teammate" per se, but rather one that tugged on my sleeve and said "Why not me too?" So, Orangina has begged her way onto Team Twinknit. She and top secret Amazing Lace Project (from here on out T-SALP) took a trip to the Breaks Interstate Park on Friday night for the first Crooked Road Music Festival. My friends' band had a gig there and I got to dance a little. It was pretty fun, but a long drive from east Kentucky. I got another inch or so worked on the front of Orangina. I'd post pictures, but, as I've said, an inch or two added looks pretty much the same as it did before, and besides I'm using dial up right now and it's too slow to wait to download pictures.

I'm almost done making Macaroni and Cheese. I'm embarassed to post this for a few reasons. 1) my previous and confidently expressed disdain for just-add-water-type food (see my rant about cake mix), and 2) the fact that I just finished reading this book, "Julie/Julia" about this woman who cooks her way through all of the recipites in Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking, vol 1 (a book which I feel 99.99% positive is on my parent's cookbook shelf). But the Mac and Cheese I'm eating now is Kraft. Yep, it's "Disgusting but good macaroni and Cheese Product". Mmmmmm...

But, before I go, a few of you asked on the page I created for T-SALP whether the name "Twinknit" has anything to do with me being a twin. As a matter of fact, it does I've got a twin brother, named Adam. We're fraternal twins. This may seem like an obvious thing to say (if he's a boy and I'm a girl, there is no way we can be identical. Duh.) but I had a doctor ask me this once during a check-up. Needless to say, this made me feel a little wary her skills as a medical professional. When picking a name for my blog (and not being clever enough to come up with one that makes a pun about knitting) Twin-Knit seemed like a good fit. It's also got this nice almost (well, okay, not at all) pallendromic quality to it. So yes, I do have a twin, and no, I haven't knit him anything yet (he's not one for wool). More on that later... my Mac and Cheese is getting cold.


Theresa said...

You must do a lot of driving living out there. And as for the twin thing, I'm jealous. I used to ask my parents for two things: 1. a twin and 2. an older brother. I think I was at least 7 when I realized that both of those would be somewhat impossible.

Chris said...

Thanks for indulging our curiosity. :)

Anonymous said...

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