04 May 2006

Spring craving

I'm craving a cardigan... a cute, spring, bright little cardigan. I want to make it right now, but I've got too much on my plate. But I'm thinking something with three-quarter sleeves, a cute, subtle pattern, something in pale blue or pink or lavendar (a color I've only recently been converted to), something very girly that I can balance with jeans, cowboy boots, and a tee shirt. hmmmm...

I finished side one of orangina. I want to finish it before the Amazing Lace starts, partly so I can focus all of my attention on the overly ambitious project I have selected (secret, secret, secret) and partially because I want to wear orangina now. I woke up this morning wanting to wear it. It's time for it to be done.

In the meantime, I have other things to distract me. Like this:

(wow - that photo is REALLY washed out!) Can't see it? Want a better view?

(Equally washed out -- it was sunny this morning!) This is one of the two sweaters the beekeeper wears all the time. How do I fix this? If it weren't such a runaway train of dropped stitches, I know I could just pick up the loops and work my way down. But some stitiches are ripped and others are just... freed (?) and I'm not sure how to proceed. There's a part of me that just wants to order some cotton yarn in navy blue and knit a patch for it. What do you think? Ideas?

When I went out to photograph stuff this morning in the (insanely) bright sunshine, I found this on my porch.

Ahhh spring!


Anonymous said...

Actually, you could embroider a little eye toward the top of that spot and it would look like a possum.

Mom said...

Knit the beekeeper a new sweater.

Theresa said...

That's a commercially knit sweater? Usually they use really thin yarn. You could try to find matching sewing thread and use it doubled.

Anonymous said...

Nice colors. Keep up the good work. thnx!