12 May 2006

A solution...

I've been frustrated with my inability to post about my Amazing Lace project, and this morning I came up with a solution. First, some beans to spill:

Mom, my Amazing Lace project is for you. I'm sure this is not a surprise. So for the next few weeks (months?), I'm going to be posting about this project elsewhere, and linking to this blog. Please, if you want to be surprised, don't click on the links. If you don't care about the surprise, let me know, and I'll just start posting here. I love you. Happy Mother's Day (a little early). Thanks.

So, for the first installment of the Amazing Lace update, click here. (again, Mommy, not for you).

In other news, I did not finish the orange blob last night because I was too busy winding yarn. For hours, I wound (and wound and wound). Lace weight is kind of a pain, huh? Hopefully more progress today.

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