15 December 2006

Frustration and Beauty

Frustration: a sock that is too big.

No matter how I try to talk myself out of it, I'm acknowledging that this sock is just too big -- I took gauge again and again and again, and I was spot on. And now that I've turned the heel and tried it on, it's too big and suddenly I'm getting 7 st/in instead of 8. Grrrr... I can't believe I have to rip it out, but I do. sigh.

Beauty: Koigu. This is my first Koigu experience. I may never knit with another sock yarn again. It's so silky. It flows through my fingers. And the colors? There's no sunlight today to do the subtle variation, the flecks of color, justice.

Frustration: At times like this, when I go on large shopping adventures and suddenly become a consumer for the sake of perfect gift giving, I am always reminded of the people who don't have this luxury. This has particularly been an issue the last two holiday seasons, as I live in a very economically depressed region. Reading the Yarn Harlot today (and I know most of us do, so pardon me if I'm being redundant), I was further reminded how even the most disadvantaged Americans (and Canadians) are often so much better off than those who live elsewhere... it's sobering.

Beauty: Yet another lovely thing that comes from Canada (like Koigu, that is), Harlot has put out a challenge to the knitting community -- her goal? To double the amount donated to Doctors Without Borders by the knitting community. She expresses this goal in ways infinitely more articulate than my own. If you've not been over there to read her blog entry for today, you should. And then donate. I did. I'll be buying no yarn in the month of January (goodness knows, I've got enough) and donated what I spend the average month. It's just a good thing to do.


Mintyfresh said...

Koigu is so luscious, it's worth it to redo a sock that's too big into one that you'll get to wear!

Lolly said...

Wow, those photographs really show the beauty that is Koigu! Good luck with the second go-round. It is worth it if it fits better!

Leah said...

Gosh, so sorry it's too big! I love the colorway with the pattern! Koigu is some good stuff!