07 December 2006


If you recall, earlier this fall, I declared 2007 the year of color-work. I got a head start this fall with the Huron socks and yesterday, better late than never, I joined Stranded. Over at Stranded, they ask:

Is this your first colorwork project? If it isn't, what was your first, and has it survived the test of time?

I've worked in color before. In fact, my very first sweater, completed in late winter of 2005, was a fairisle sweater (I'm nothing if not ambitious). I'm proud to say that my first sweater is not only wearable, it's actually quite a nice sweater. Don't get me wrong, there are things I'd change (like have more than one inch of ribbing at the bottom, add an inch or so to the sleeves -- I have monkey long arms! -- and knit another decrease or two in the yoke so the collar is closer). But all in all, it's a great sweater. In fact, I'm wearing it today (please notice the snow in this picture -- it's our first this year and I'm pretty excited about it!)

What are your projects for this knitalong?

Well, I've already started Eunny's Endpaper Mitts.

I also plan on making these (I've bought the pattern and I've got a box of Knitpicks Palette on the way!).

You may recall, I was once tempted by the Telemark Ski sweater, but now that I've seen other pictures of it, I'm not sure. I also have a love/hate relationship with Telemark (is anyone happy with how that's wearing? It seems so harsh).

I'm also pretty sure there's at least another pair of fairisle socks in my future... We'll see.


Mintyfresh said...

oooh, snow. I could go for some snow. Nice sweater--despite the short sleeves, it looks like a great fit!

Anonymous said...

i think i will join you in colorwork for 2007 - it's what i'm most excited about, knitting wise, at the moment.

i want to make those endpaper mitts too! they are so beautiful, and i seem to be all about gloves/mittens/fingerless things at the moment. please let me know how you get on with them!

and i think i like telemark so far. i did my squirrel and oak mittens with it, and it does feel very sturdy and not very soft, but i kind of like how utilitarian the end result feels. it feels like a no-nonsense mitten that was designed to keep you very warm! that said, it's pilling like crazy on me, which i'm not crazy about.

Kat said...

Very nice sweater. My first FO was a Lopi sweater. Didn't knit my first garter stitch scarf until last year, 19 years after I learned to knit.

Laura said...

me too, baby! colorwork in 2007! socks! mittens! sweaters! STEEKS!

love your sweater, and i already commented on those lovely mitts at flickr.

i am glad to read these comments about telemark. i want to try it, but i'm not going to be in a hurry about it.

Meg said...

I simply adore your first ever sweater. It's fantastic. And I remember just what that snow is like...
My 2006 resolution was colourwork but have I done any? Nope. The anemoi mittens are breathtaking, though, so maybe in 2007...

Lolly said...

Your first sweater is amazing! I just love it!

I am in the colorwork KAL too, and I had better get a move on... maybe after I finish some Christmas knits!