07 December 2006


Sorry to post twice in one day, but my friend Jennifer (in the middle there) has, after much harrassing, poking and prodding, finally started her own knitting blog today. Y'all should go check it out.

And for those of you who remember the picture of the cutest lamb ever, that photo was taken by my friend Greg, on the left. This photo is, obviously, from Hawaii. One of the best parts of the trip was hanging out with the two of them. They're two of my best friends and we all live so far apart these days (Greg's still in Chile, Jenfee just moved back to Philly, and I'm still here in the mountains). Have I mentioned recently how much I love the internet?

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Laura said...

i popped over and said hi, and then added her to my bloglines. i'm her first bloglines subscriber. yay!