03 October 2006

Who'll Rock the Cradle?*

Apparently, Hank will rock himself. He's taken to curling up in the afternoon in my rocking chair in the backroom (it gets a lot of sun in the afternoon). Unfortunately, that's also my favorite place to curl up in the afternoon too! Sweet kitty.

Question: When making dishcloths, can one use any kind of cotton? Just curious...

*The title references one of my favorite "old time" songs -- Red Rocking Chair:

Who'll rock the cradle?
Who'll rock the cradle and who'll sing the song?
Who'll rock the cradle when you're gone?
Who'll rock that cradle when you're gone?
I'll rock the cradle.
I'll rock the cradle and I'll sing the song.
I'll rock that cradle when you're gone.
I'll rock that cradle when you're gone.


Laura said...

i don't see why not, about the dishcloths. what kind were you thinking of using?

that's the cutest cat picture i've seen in a long while.

Chris said...

Aw, Hank obviously needs the chair more than you do. Look at that face.

I think that "dishcloth" cotton works best - mercerized might shed water and some of the non-mercized stuff like Mission Falls Cotton will probably lint all over things. But - that's theoretical. :)

Theresa said...

Love the rug under the cat. You can use any kind of cotton, but the mercerenized is so much more expensive that a lot of people don't want to 'waste' it.

melissa said...

aww, i have a black cat too. they are the best!