12 October 2006


One lonely sock

One lonely squirrel mitten (my first, by the way)

One more repeat of the budding lace chart before the blue blob gets to try K5tog

One attempt at a knit scarf (my first. I've never been a big fan of knitted scarves. I dislike that they aren't reversible -- even the beautiful patterns. I prefer woven ones, but I fell so in love with the sand stitch from my wrist rest that I had to try it)

One very cold hand from

One very stupid photographer who decided to take photos outside in the cold while sick and who got sick while attending

the last one of the Fiddler's Conventions of the year, where she

won (close enough) another second place ribbon (and $50 this time!)

The Morehead Convention was so much fun. Beautiful fall weather, a full moon, pickin' around camp fires, moonshine, dancing, good eats and, of course, a perfect opportunity to wear my old lady night gown in public (you can't tell, but I'm also wearing hand knit socks... the canal du midi socks came in very handy this last weekend).

Woo hoo!

Hopefully soon I'll have two of something!


Mintyfresh said...

I also have misgivings about knitted scarves, but I made one last fall and really like it. So embrace it! (that's a lot of WIPs, btw!)

Kirsten said...

I love the squirrel mitten!
Congratulations on your ribbon.

Chris said...


And I LOVE that last picture! Hope you feel better soon.

Veronique said...

Good luck with the K5tog! I used Bryspun needles, which are super pointy, and it definitely helped.
The scarf looks very nice!

msubulldog said...

Sorry about the cold. Congrats on the ribbon! And I love, love, LOVE that squirrel mitten! :)

melissa said...

i am planning to make those squirrel and oak mittens too, probably later this month! were they hard? it will be my first time doing anything like that but i just thought they were too awesome to pass up.