15 October 2006


Dear Coffee,

I don't know what to do. I know you're no good for me. My friends keep telling me you're bad for me, that I can do better. Somedays, you're there for me. You're perfect -- not bitter, but warm and energizing. But you're inconsistent and don't always treat me right. Too much of you and you make me jittery and my stomach hurts. When I go without you, I feel depressed and don't want to get out of bed. I know the obsession is unhealthy. I know that tea treats me the way I deserve to be treated -- gentle, soothing, concerned for my needs.** But I just can't kick you, Coffee. You're like a habit to me. This last week without you has been hell. Please take me back. I can't live without you.


** For those of you equally addicted to Grey's Anatomy -- I know, I know, I follow trends. I had to buy the season pass from iTunes just so I could stay in the loop -- does this make tea my Finn and coffee my McDreamy? If so, that would explain why I still looooove McDreamy (Sorry Theresa. I know you and the Anatomy Lab girls love Finn and hate McDreamy, but Finn was a total fop. Then again, I've never really liked nice guys all that much. That might explain why I'm single...).


Chris said...

Mmmmm... coffee... Come on, a girl's gotta have a minor addiction or two, right? And really, compared to some things, coffee is just so minor....

Theresa said...

Of all the things to be addicted to, coffee, knitting, and nice guys are not that bad!

Jenfee and Jonathan said...

Dear Jennie,

There's no use fighting it. Give in to your love.

Enablingly yours,
J and J

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