26 October 2006

Home in the Hills

Dickenson County

This is the view as you come over Dante Mountain*, the mountain the separates Russell from Dickenson Counties. I drive over this mountain pretty often and every time I remark to myself, "God, that's beautiful! One of these days, I'm gonna stop and take a picture." But I never do. Today, as I drove over, the view was magnificent (those mountains in the distance form the Pine Mountain range, which marks the border between Virginia and Kentucky and initiates the Cumberland Plateau) and the light was perfect. And this time, I did stop. Of course, I had to drive half way down the mountain to find a good place to turn around and, as is the way with these things here, in the minutes it took me to turn around and come back up, the light was gone. I took the picture anyway. It just feels like home.

This is the home I came from. I love how, no matter where you take the picture, all photos of "The Lawn" at UVa look like college brochure photos. I took this from the steps of Cabel Hall, the music building, looking up toward the rotunda. I love the Lawn in the fall... all of those trees turn bright yellow. It reminds me of my best friend from high school, but happy memories.

Knitting has been accomplished. One down, one to go. These are a modified "Fetching," altered to accomodate music-making (the thumb really gets in the way) and will be gifted to a friend (who I think I'm going to see this weekend, thus the rush).

I'm almost done with Huron #2 and, you can see in the background there, I'm making my way down the ankle of Conwy #2. TCB.**

* For all y'all yankees, that's pronounced "D-ain't." There's the saying, "If you say 'Dahn-tay' then you ain't from Dante!"

** For all of you not well versed in Elvis-lore, that means "Taking Care of Business." Oh yeah. TCB.


Theresa said...

I remembering touring UVA as a high school student. It helped cement in my mind an image of what college was.

msubulldog said...

Oh, Thank You for stopping and taking that picture! :) It's gorgeous.

Yvonne said...

Well, you've prolly passed through the small town I live in, St. Paul. I've been enjoying your blog...and it's cool to hear a local voice.