24 October 2006

Desperately Seeking a Cardigan

Still in Charlottesville... I can't resist the call of the coffee shop. It's so much nicer than working in my home-office (as nice as my home office is). And at home, no one wakes me up in the morning the way my dad wakes me up at home -- "Jennie! The coffee's ready!". Sigh. I need to get an automated coffee maker. Because I can't stay at home forever.

Yesterday, I went browsing at my LYS. It's hard to browse yarn. I walked slowly through the whole store, touching everything, comparing colors, thinking. But I left my wallet at home (probably a good thing?) and so I didn't buy anything. But I got ideas... Ideas like: the Katia Mississippi 3 cotton/wool yarn is awesome. And comes in the best baby colors ever (things like green, and deep burnt orange, and things other than pastel pink and blue)... I wonder if it would make good socks?; or, Baby Cashmerino is soooo much more decadent than I remember it being...; or, Claudia's Handpainted yarn is so squishy, but do I really need more sock yarn; or, Cascade 220 feels really soft and comes in the most beautiful shade of heathered red.

Most importantly, however, I realized that I need to knit something other than socks and mittens -- something that doesn't come in pairs and that covers a part of my body other than the extremities. In short, I want to knit a sweater -- a cardigan, to be specific. I have knit sweaters before, but never anything in pieces. I crave a pretty cardigan, something young and flirty, a little vintage looking, with shape, pretty buttons, and cables. I want cables. And a shawl collar (I love shawl collars). So I'm asking for pattern suggestions. I've been trying to scan the blogosphere for ideas, but haven't found anything. Anyone seen anything out there that is pretty and a 'must knit'?

I hear rumors that it snowed in Kentucky last night, but here in Charlottesville it's just cold, cold cold. I'm rushing to finish the Huron socks... I wore the finished one around the house while I knit the second last night. It's surprisingly warm.


jacqueline said...

i am not sure if this is what you are after but the more you described it, the more this cardi came in mind.


the other idea i had was this one:


i've seen it made without the neck tie (just a standard collar) and it is really really cute.

finally, i know you said cables but sarah dallas's book 'vintage knits' has a few cute little cardi's in it that might be approprite.


i'll stop now before i completely take over your comments.

Meg said...

Jacqueline who has just commented is like a walking library of knitting patterns and yarns. I consult her regularly for just such a problem. I am a pale shadow of her prowess with the patterns, but I thought I'd just say that I love all of Ameila Raitte's patterns, there are some cardigans there, and I don't know if any of them fit the requirements you've specified, but have a browse here.

Theresa said...

I really like the Nantucket cardigan in the Winter Interweave Knits preview. Of course, you'd make it long sleeved to keep you warm.