27 July 2006


Feeling inspired, I sat down to do some work on T-SALP. I've been using addi naturas, US 2 with a silk lace yarn. Tonight I almost threw the whole thing down in frustration because it took me 20 minutes (TWENTY!) to pull the yarn-over row over both joins (from cord to metal and metal to bamboo) to do the purl row. I cannot keep doing this -- it's why the damn thing is taking so long.

So -- does anyone have any suggestions for good US 2 needles that might not have joins at all, or if they do, have really, really smooth joins? I don't have a lot of money to spend, so cheaper is better. But I can't keep tearing up the yarn trying to pull it over these deep joins, so I'll consider all options.



yahaira said...

the knit picks needles sound like what you need. they are cheap with a smooth join and pointy tip!

Anne said...

I'd suggest the knitpicks needles too. I was an avid hater of circular needles, and they converted me in the time it took to knit 4 stitches.

Meg said...

I reckon if you have some Addi turbos in the same size you might give those a try. I do all my lace on Addi turbos- people say they're not pointy enough but that's never a problem for me.

Chris said...

I haven't tried the KnitPicks needles, but have been reading pretty good things about them. You don't need to buy the whole set - you can buy a few needles to try them out.

I love Addi Turbos, but they definitely aren't cheap.