20 July 2006

I'm melting

I'm also crazy. Today, which might be one of the hottest days I've experienced here in the mountains (and in my house... I think my AC is broken!), I did a crazy thing. I knit a winter hat. I think I've been feeling a little over-socked recently, and wanted a project I could finish in an evening (while watching Season 2 of Project Runway. Curses to MintyFresh for pointing out that I could download these through iTunes...

This afternoon, I received an early birthday present from one of my good friends. Jennifer, also a (blogless) knitter, knows that when a girl can't buy herself yarn, it's an ideal time to gift it. So she sent me two beautiful, dusty pink skeins of Misti Alpaca worsted and two skeins of a very, very interesting merino -- Laines Du Nord Korall Fancy.

The Korall Fancy is basically a 3 ply, with each ply DK weight and a different color.

Jennfie knows my love for "ropey" yarn, and sent me the skeins to see what I thought. I love it. What started as a test swatch turned into this (don't mind the bad picture... better ones will be posted soon after blocking and in decent light).

It's the "shocking pink coif" from Knitty Spring '03. I've been wanting to make something along these lines for a while -- I have curly hair, which makes hat wearing in the winter a disaster. Once I put the hat on, I can't take it off again without the worst case of hat-hair ever. I usually go hatless in the winter unless I'm participating in winter sports. But now -- beautiful coif stays intact while my ears remain warm. Woo Hoo! The yarn is beautiful knit up, like moss. And I got to use my new Lantern Moon needles -- knit a little under-gauge, but it's warmer that way. The second skein is either going to become mittens or fingerless gloves... not sure yet.

In the meantime, I've survived today on sweet tea (mint and sencha green mixed, sweetened with brown sugar -- I highly recommend it. Light, perfect for days this humid and hot), fresh bread I baked this afternoon, with lemon curd (mmm... lemon curd), and Maker's Mark pulled directly from the freezer (I hate ice in my whiskey-- waters it down -- but make the whiskey cold? A dream).

Tomorrow, I head to another fiddler's convention. Fingers crossed I'll get another ribbon...


Chris said...

I used to love Maker's Mark!

Great yarny gifts! I'll look forward to the better lit picture of the coif - it's intriguing, from what I can tell.

Good luck tomorrow!

Laura said...

I love that Misti Alpaca. I am going to have to put Project Runway season 2 in my blockbuster queue. I am so addicted.

Leah said...

Good luck at the convention!!

Misti Alpaca is soooo wonderful! I just want to pet it!

Oh & project runway is so addicting. I find myself watching the repeats over and over again on bravo!

trek said...

Your package arrived today - at fist I couldn't remember why someone waas sending me a box - then I read the card and came over to the blog here - Thanks!

Mintyfresh said...

Ha! You know you love the Project Runway. Every single moment of that show, I am thinking: "This show is so awesome."