03 July 2006


I'm having a bad knitting week. Bad. Last night, plugging away on a pair of socks, I realized that ten rows back, I had flipped the lace pattern and done a repeat backwards (don't ask). So now I have to rip it back (size 0 needles!) and reknit.

A few days before, I picked up Orangina, on a kick to finish, and realized that five rows back, I had messed up and the pattern was off. So I have to rip back.

I'm knitting another, simple pair of socks. I've turned the heel and I knitting the foot and I think I used a needle size too large and the socks look to holey. I might need to rip it back.

And just now, working on T-SALP, I realized that I didn't leave myself a note that I was in a middle row on the pattern repeat, picked up in the wrong place, and knit an extra row. So now I need to rip back. Lace. I need to rip back lace.

I give up. I just want something that doesn't need to be ripped back.


Laura said...

Ooh, I'm sorry. We all have taken longer than expected vacations at the frog pond. They stink, but eventually the good knitting juju comes back! I find it helps to do something mindless that can be finished quickly. :)

Chris said...

Ack! Time to start a garter stitch dishcloth!

Theresa said...

The clear answer is to start something new and put the others in a time out for a while.