30 March 2006

plugging along

Thank you all for your feedback on my dream. Slowly I'm making sketches, thinking about what I 'saw' and what I can make from it. When it takes more shape, I'll let you know.

In the meantime, I'm pushing along, trying to finish canal du midi #2 before the end of the month. Do you think I can?

Not much else to say now. My friend Lizzie (recipient of Jaywalkers #2) came for a visit early this week and so I've not gotten as much knitting done as I usually do (thus the rush on the second C.d.M). More to post later. But I'll leave you with this (think of these scenic photograph as something akin to the end of the Sunday Morning program, where they close with a minute of beautiful wilderness) -- a view of Kentucky (minus mountain top removal) from Pine Mountain.


Chris said...

Knit like the wind!!!

Thanks for the landscape shot - it's always nice to "place" people.

Laura said...

That is a beautiful shot -- reminds me of my own days in Virginia! :)

I would not have necessarily thought to knit Canal du Midi in a variegated yarn, but it looks amazing. Those are just gorgeous.