27 March 2006

Canal du Midi #1

As expected, I finished the first Canal du Midi sock last night, with about a quarter's worth of yarn left.

Some thoughts:

1. For the last time, Jennie, SWATCH YOUR SOCKS!!! This is the second time in practically as many days I have made a pair of socks that I realized mid-knit were too big. So I messed with the pattern, which I was wanting not to do because i'm trying to use these socks as technique building experiences (not that sizing down isn't technique building, just not the kind of added bonus technique i want to throw in while learning new stitches, new heels, new shaping, etc.).

2. I wish I had continued the ribbing all the way down the heel. I think it would have a better fit. I can't tell if it would be different if they were knit to gauge or not. I think they also might fit better after blocking (i've never blocked socks before, but this yarn has a lot of streatch and i think it needs it).

3. related to the post about, the square heel (is this what it's called? when you round the heel, you pull in the stitches so that there are always 8 stitches being knit across, rather than rounding out as you ssk or p2tog) doesn't like to stay ON my heel. Will blocking help?

4. The toe is POINTY. My big toe points right through it. It looks fine as long as i'm wearing it, but... I think I'm over the spiral toe. I prefer even decreases and then sewing it up at the end. I don't mind doing this and I think the toe looks cleaner. But now I know.

All that said, I love it. I love this particular colorway of STR that I want to buy another skein and just knit plain socks. The way the colors alternate... it's gorgeous. This photos do it no justice. And I particularly like the kind of tapestry-effect that is created by the combo of the pattern with the variegated yarn. Admittedly, it hides the pattern, but who cares? It looks neat.

So... It's less than a week until the end of the month. I've knit three single socks in the last week. Will I have a pair finished by the end of the month? Stay tuned...

P.S. OH MY GOD. Why did I never use flickr before to download photos? Seriously. I think I've wasted a year of my life if you add up the time I've waited for blogger to get photos up. With flickr it took about two seconds.

P.P.S. I had a dream last night that I just remembered... It will make this the longest post ever if I tell it now, but it is actually knitting related... Maybe later.


mumblingmonkey said...

That sock is just gorgeous, and so is the yarn. Such personality and life! It's a beautiful pattern too.

yahaira said...

Its gorgeous! I love it! I hope you can tweak the fit in blocking because you must wear those socks everyday.

no go and start that second sock!

kate said...

Beautiful!!! I want that yarn! You did a lovely job, and had a learning experience as well, so that's good, right? I agree with you about the toe - I like the even decrease, kitchener stitch toe rather than the spiral. I think it fits better.

Chris said...

WOW. Stunning sock - the combination of yarn and pattern just really works.

I've never done a heel like that, so I can't offer any insight...