16 March 2006


So i finished that abstract last night, an hour before the deadline, and honestly i think i feel pretty good about it. i don't expect it to be accepted -- when you write about appalachian music and coal mining, it's hard to feel good about getting accepted to a conference taking place in hawaii with an emphasis on pacific island and southeast asian themes, but... what the hell? if i get accepted, i have a good excuse to go to hawaii (and probably some assistance to pay for it). besides, i'm supposed to go on the job market next fall, and the annual conference is the best way to do it. i think i just feel good about sitting down and actually pulling my thoughts together in a formal way for the first time since i moved here. i'm on to something... not sure what it is yet, but it made me feel good about my work. and everyone needs that once and a while.

off to do more research. knitting info to be posted later.

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