13 February 2006


i had so much to say today, but waited until it is so late i'm falling asleep over my keyboard. no photos to speak of today, but tons of progress. while watching supersize me (i may never eat food again -- any kind of food!) and running back and forth from couch to window to oogle the beautiful snow-globey wonder that is mountain snow, i managed to finish the body of my hourglass (to the arm pits) and up to the first sleeve decrease. i made 1/3 of a kitty pi for phoebe, who is not only sick with a cold, but also scheduled for a you-know-what on tuesday (I swear it was not a malicious act on my part to get both of my kitties fixed on valentines day. it was just the only day the vet could make an appointment!). I thought a kitty pi might make her feel better... a cozy place to sleep (and an alternative to my lap). I'm also almost almost almost done with the elfines. two, maybe three more lace repeats and then - finito! I'm hoping to finish tomorrow... but maybe that is too ambitious.

to hold myself to writing about something more serious than the bragging about what i have finished, i've been thinking a lot lately (and inspired by the posts of others) about why I knit. I will write more tomorrow, but i was wondering what brought other people to the craft?


Courtney said...

About a year ago, I was visiting some knitting friends in Portland, OR and they had this huge basket of yarn in their living room. It was so pretty. I wanted to have a huge basket of yarn at my house too, but it seemed like a good idea to learn to knit first. As soon as I got home, I got myself a copy of Stitch 'n Bitch, some blue Red Heart, and a pair of US8 aluminum needles. I was hooked immediately and I can't stop knitting. I also love yarn more than is really reasonable.

Bitterknitter said...

It's in my genes. My great grandmother used to keep a ball of yarn in the pocket of her apron and walk around the house knitting socks, I'm told. My grandmother knit parts of nordic sweaters for Marshall Fields, my mother knits, and now me. My daughters have already started attempting to knit, and they aren't even three years old yet! Knitting just makes me happy, I enjoy it for its utility and its beauty, but also for the process itself. (Wow! I got all rambly there! Oops!)