02 February 2006

almost finished

So I finished my shrug - almost. I picked up stitches along the edges, knit a few inches of rib, and decided to try it on before tying it up. And, sure enough, despite researching elastic bind-offs, it was too tight to put on (I practically dislocated my shoulder!). So, I ripped it down and tried temporarily just running waste yarn through the loops, to see if it was a bind off problem or a ribbing problem. It's a ribbing problem. Even with the loops having free streatch, it is still too tight. It could work, but it bothers me. And I don't want to make things that are flawed anymore. So now I don't know what to do...

I could a) leave the edges without the ribbing. But they curl and I'm not sure if blocking will stop that; b) rip the whole edge out, try and pick up more stitches so that it has more room to grow; or c)... I don't know what "c" is... Any ideas?


Theresa said...

Depends - how much do you like the shrug? If you like it a lot, I'd redo the ribbing with more stitches. If not, let it go and work on something else.

Hope your hand gets better.

Leah said...

I agree with theresa! If you really love the overall look of it then ripping & reknitting is worth the hassel!

Good luck!