24 January 2006

Taking the Leap

So... after months of thinking about it, joking about it, lurking around, and knitting like a fiend, today is the day. I woke up this morning and decided that I would finally start my own knitting blog. There were several incidents motivating my decision to get off my lazy ass and start writing:

1) an incredibly productive knitting month
2) my move to appalachia and the subsequent loss of a knitting community (i.e. being able to hold up a crumpled, needle studded twist of yarn and say "see what i made?!?" and have someone be proud... or at least understand)
3) the fact that everyone is making jaywalker socks right now and I am finishing my third pair and I want to bond.
4) I need help sometimes, and now I have no one to ask (for example, what do I do about a sweater that I knit out of patagonia nature cotton that I'm afraid is going to grow to the size of the incredible hulk... can I tighten it up? or is it just a bad idea to make a yolk sweater out of cotton?)
5) most importantly, that yesterday I learned not only magic loop but also how to knit two socks at once. Let me tell you, it's a miracle - A MIRACLE - to be able to knit two socks at once. and there was no one to understand... no one to pat me on the back. no one to say anything other that "oh. wow." with a tone of vague confusion.

So here I am. I need to figure out how to post pictures. I've been making a lot of socks (this is what happens when you promise your girlfriends socks for christmas. you knit socks forever...). I need to figure out a lot of things. But I'm here.

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