28 January 2006


Just before I had to get ready to leave the house (and just before I finished Jaywalker #2!), there was a knock on my door. This is what was there:

Yay! Yarn for Sara's purple socks... these were to be Jaywalker #3, but I might be Jaywalker-ed out. I need to finish the Elfine socks before I start any others, but in the meantime, I'm shopping for new sock patterns...

I also ordered myself some new circulars -- trying Addi Turbos...

And Vintage Knits, which I have been eyeing regularly online and finally decided to just buy. I'm so excited about so many patterns in there... I don't know where to start.

Ok. I'm gonna be late. I'll post pictures of the finished Jaywalker #2 when I get home tomorrow.

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Laura said...

Hi Jennie! Thanks for the comment on my Jaywalkers. After all the whining I did about them, do you know that I almost cast on for another pair last night!

Your blog is great! Congratulations on getting started. You won't be sorry. I think blogging is especially useful for people who are not able, for geography or other reasons, to hang out with other knitters. I have learned a lot and received much encouragement from my online knitting pals.

If you are looking for sock patterns, did you know that Anna (she of the Elfine socks) has some new sock patterns for sale on her site? I am about to cast on for Nautilus.