30 January 2006


So, despite the lack of sun, here are the finished Jaywalkers #2:

Pattern: Jaywalker Socks
Yarn: Knitpicks Sock Garden "Geranium"
Needles: some metal dpn, US 2
Started: uhhh... December 24, 2005
Finished: January 28, 2006 (with some other stuff in between)

Notes: I did the same with these that I did with pair #1 -- I sized down the pattern to account for gauge issues.

I love these socks. There are no words... Pair #1 was ok... I wasn't crazy about the "chrismas" effect of the reds and greens together -- I would have liked them better if the greens had pooled and striped with the greens and the reds had pooled and striped with the reds. But these -- these are beautiful. I love the picks against the reds, the bright stripe of green in them, the way they pooled, everything! I'm so selfish, I want to keep them for myself. Look how good they look with my crocs (my measure of a good sock is how good they look in my crocs...):

Sigh... they will look good my mom's crocs, though. And I've got two more pairs of promised socks before I can even think about making a pair for myself. I'm excited to move on from Knitpicks sock yarn. I do love it -- it's so soft and knits really well -- but right now I'm falling deeply in love with the colors of Koigu. I think when I'm done with all of my promised socks, I will splurge and make myself a pair out of koigu. Any suggestions on a place where I can mail order with out it costing an arm and a leg?


candsmom said...

Hi! I hopped on over here from Laura's blog (Affiknitty) and I'm so glad I did! Your Jaywalkers are GORGEOUS!! I love the way they turned out in Geranium. I recently knit a pair of footies out of Geranium and fell in love with the colorway, too. You did such an awesome job with your Jaywalkers! I'm one of those who is still coveting Koigu, too, but if you get any good tips about less-pricey options for ordering it, please pass them on to me, LOL! ;-) Take care!! - Chris

Leah said...

Wow! Your jaywalkers turned out really great! I actually love the way they pooled! Very cool indeed!

I am working on some socks in Koigu right now & it is AMAZING!! It's so soft & springy!! Unfortuantely mine was a gift from my Secret Pal but maybe you could look on ebay. Or do a www.froogle.com search for Koigu & it should give you the lowest price!

Courtney said...

Hi. Nice Jaywalkers! For Koigu, try www.knithappens.net. They are based in Alexandria, VA. I was up there last week and they have a huge selection of Koigu PPPM and Koigu Kersti which I love the most. It looks like they also have a great selection in the online store.

Glaistig said...

Tee hee, I'm also here b/c of Miss Laura. Your socks turned out gorgeous!

JessaLu said...

Nice socks!

Laura sent me ;o)