21 June 2006

Contest Winner!

At long last, the results of the mini-contest.

As I said earlier, part of my motivation for the mini-contest was selfish -- I was curious to know how many, if any, people could identify Jean Ritchie by sight (yes, it was Jean Ritchie). This was not a very scientific process. Clearly, people who didn't know didn't guess (where's the fun in that?). But, I was pleased to see that three of y'all got it right.

Congrats Bitterknitter, Trek, and Kat. You guys have good taste :)

For those of you who don't know much about Jean Ritchie, check this out. She's pretty amazing.

And now, for the contest winner... also a very (un)scientific process. While I was tempted to give all three of you prizes (sheesh, it's only three!), I stuck to my guns and picked one winner. Drawing a name out of a hat seemed a pretty ho-hum way to pick a winner (besides, when there are only three names, that seemed a little unnecessary). Instead, I wrote each of the names on a piece of paper (a post-it note, to be precise)

And let the kitties decide.

First, they inspected the paper.

Then, after I threw them in the air, they kicked them around a bit.

Hank made the final selection, picking up the piece of paper he liked the best, carrying it across the room, and snuggling with it (these days, Hank loves to snuggle-fight with paper. Strange cat).

And the winner is:

Trek, send me an e-mail with your address and I'll try and get that prize in the mail tomorrow. Congratulations!

I'm hoping for some FO's tonight. I've been a viscious frogger this week, taking out a lot of knitting that wasn't working (including the first few inches of my second New England sock and this:

which wasn't knitting to gauge and was huge - if squishy and beautiful).

And, for fear that I will be accused again by friends of mine that I love Hank more than Phoebe (how is this possible? She is so sweet and little and she gurgles when she's happy to see me!), some photos. Look where I found her yesterday afternoon -- she was in hot pursuit of a fly:

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Chris said...

Congrats, Trek! I love your selection process. :) Truly, how could you love one of those gorgeous kitties over the other? Did Phoebe get her fly?