10 April 2006


Thanks for your suggestions about the broken Addis. I'm going to try and get in touch with Skacel today and see if I can get a new pair. I bought them through Knitpicks (no LYS here) so maybe they can help. We'll see... hopefully I'll have a new pair soon so I can finish Orangina in time for the weather.

So after much wear, the toes on the CdM socks bother me less. They're 'blocking with wear' and are less pointy now. And it feels so decadent to wear such fancy socks hidden under my boots (you'll notice every pair of socks I make is boot length. That's because I live in my cowboy boots, and have for the past two years. Socks are no good for me if they aren't boot length!) They're like my little surprise (except, of course, I keep taking my shoes off to show them to people... I should have worn my crocs into the world today so everyone could see the fanciness of my socks.

Off to work, but hopefully the next few days will produce the partner to the blue sock. Then it's on to new projects... (I'm seriously considering Anatolia from the spring Knitty, but in different colors... we'll see).


Chris said...

Hee hee - and that's how so many sock knitters end up wearing clogs all the time - for sock flashing!

Laura said...

I agree with Chris ... you need some shoes that will show off those socks! :)

Abigail 1870 pearl said...

Here's a question for you. I've been afraid to wear my hand knit socks in my cowboy boots because I'm concerned that the boots will fray and pill my sock yarn. Does that happen to you?