09 April 2006


I just pulled my orangina out of the bag it's been sitting in to try and work on it. This is what I found:

Broken Addis!!! I'm so upset -- in addition to the fact that I have no other US 3 circulars and I can't afford to get another pair, I just got these a month or so ago, and this is the only project I've used them on. I don't understand how they could have broken... The project's been in a bag hanging from a hook for the last two weeks.

Any suggestions of what to do? They broke right where the bamboo meets the metal.

A crappy close to a crappy day (except, of course, for those finished socks... they were a highlight, and i still haven't taken them off).


yahaira said...

email skacel (maybe even send them the pics) and theyll send you new ones for free.

mumblingmonkey said...

Yes, I have heard that they fully guarantee Addis as well, but I don't have any, so I've never had to investigate. You may even be able to take them back to the shop where you bought them, but I imagine email is more convenient.

Chris said...

I know that Jeanne has done some drilling and gluing to replace Addi Naturas broken during the Knitting Olympics - but if you can get Skacel to replace them, you're much better off!

Katie said...

Hi - I know it's no help right now, but Addi does guarantee their needles unconditionally. The store where I buy most of mine says if they ever break to bring them back to her - so you might try the store where you purchased them.

amanda said...

How disappointing! I think you should be able to get them replaced by Skacel. Best of luck!