05 April 2006

Happiness, take 2

When I was in highschool, I saw this thing on Oprah about how we should all take the time to think about five things each day that made us happy. It sounds like a cheesy thing to do, but in times of desperation, I've found it to be very helpful. Today is far from a 'time of desperation', though I did have a pretty crappy morning, but I thought I would start a hump-day tradition of posting things that make me happy. This might alleviate the amount of bitching I do about the weather (though, to mother nature's credit, she's really been out doing herself recently here).

The bush outside my door.

The surprise I found in my hamper when I went grumpily to do laundry this morning. You know who you are, and you know what it is, and I'm not keeping it (though wearing it gladly today -- thank you!).

A big steaming cup of Yerba Matte with a dash of milk and a barely noticeable amount of honey (yes, it's the good honey, robert. robert keeps bees). I would have a photo of this, except my camera ran out of batteries.

[and now for knitting content] - The fact that I reached the heel flap for c.d.m. #2.

So there's four things that make me happy. What makes you happy?


Chris said...

A sunny day that is warm enough to go for a walk, plus has wind < 10 mph. Like... today! I'm outta here.

Mini said...

1. Yerba matte with fresh milk and 1/2 a sweet-n-low
2. my boyfriend letting me sleep that extra 15 minutes today
3. finding email from long lost friends in my inbox
4. boss's wife bringing the new baby in and she now lunges for me to hold her
5. baby smell...

mumblingmonkey said...

Spring. Graduation. Sprinklers. Cotton blanket. Slow airs. (I made it into a whole post. Thanks for the idea!)