29 September 2006

One down...

... many more to go.

Pattern: My own
Yarn: less that one skein of Misti Alpaca Bulky (can't find the tag for the colorway)
Needles: Ebony Lantern Moon, US 8 (my glorious decadence needles)
Notions: Some navy beans, plastic sandwich bags (for the beans), three antique buttons from my button stash (yes, I have a button stash)
Begun: 28 September 2006
Finished: 28 September 2006

Thoughts: Fun, quick, easy, usefull. This might be the world's most decadenc wrist-rest (I keep wanting to type wrist wrest) ever. Misti Alapca is like heaven in a yarn, especially once it's knit up. I'm a total convert (and remember my insane love for alpaca). I almost stitched the whole thing together, but decided in the last minute to make it button closed, just in case the beans need replacing or I want to change the amount of stuffing in it (I only stuffed with beans -- I might want to add some yarn-scrap padding to the top, but I thought I'd try using it for a while and see if the height was right, etc.) Right now, my evaluation is that it needs some top stuffing -- the beans shift under the weight of my hands and now there are two indentations where my wrists go. I'll fix it this afternoon. But all in all, I love it. And it is definitely one of the most usefull things I've knit to date (and the first household item I've made -- on to dishcloths!)


msubulldog said...

Very cool! It looks quite luxurious and comfy. :)

Laura said...

i need one of those! v. nice! :)

melissa said...

i love this! i think i'll make one for work. are the beans lumpy at all? i was thinking rice or lentils would be good too.

Chris said...

It's very, very clever! I've found that my very favorite knitted items tend to be the most simple and practical - a java jacket, a necklace for my ipod shuffle, things like that.

Y'know, MagKnits probably would publish this pattern... :)