19 September 2006



Sorry about the long absense. The trip to Philly was good and bad. I missed it there so much I wanted to cry and never leave, and I hated it there so much I wanted to cry and couldn't wait to leave. I did amazing things I never get to do (like see a Czech New Wave film from 1970 scored with live music) and things I hope never to do again (like wait in the Spring Garden police station for an hour and a half at midnight because someone smashed the passenger side window of the car I left unattended for a total of two minutes to steal my purse and my iPod. I don't want to talk about it). Generally, it was completely overwhelming and I got not a single, solitary stitch of knitting done. I didn't even set foot in any of the yarn stores I love so much. No yarn, the whole time. I did get a truly fantabulous pair of new cowboy boots (this was, obviously, before my wallet and iPod were stolen). They look like this:

Love. Them.

Right now, I'm drowning in the beginning of what promises to be an insane autumn. I'll try to post regularly, but I'm in the throes of dissertation writing now -- I have grant applications up the whazoo due in November, and a lot of writing (including most of my first chapter) to get done for them. Bare with me.

But... it's good to be back and there will hopefully be some knitting progress soon. In the meantime, I have a lot of blog-reading to catch up on!


Leah said...

Glad your back. Sorry about the unhappy spots in your trip. The Czech film sounds really fun though.

Good luck with your dissertation & grants! :)

Veronique said...

I'm sending good vibes for all that writing you have to do!

msubulldog said...

Sorry to hear about the car break-in. How awful. :(

Very cool boots, however! And good luck with all your writing coming up!

amanda said...

Welcome back! The boots are kickin'! So bummed to hear about the car being broken into and your wallet and ipod taken.

Theresa said...

Welcome back - and good luck getting settled.

Chris said...

Welcome back - and so sorry to hear about your purse and ipod. What a PITA.