21 August 2006

Soggy Fries

So, despite the "chronic" fatigue, I went away this weekend to the Fiddler's Convention in Fries (pronounced like "freeze"), Virginia. It's my last fiddler's convention of the season, until my friends' convention in Morehead, Kentucky in October, so I felt like I couldn't miss it. And despite torrential downpours and getting kicked out of the park due to the rain, I had a really great time. No knitting accomplished, but my new brown "Fetchings" got some action:

Pattern: "Fetching" from Knitty fall 2006
Yarn: Knitpicks Wool of the Andes, in "Chocolate" (just a hair more than one skein...)
Needles: Brittany, US 5 dpns
Started: 15 August 2006
Finished: 16 August, 2006

Notes: I added an extra cable repeat at the bottom and the top (and remember to flip the cables so they are mirror images). I also made the thumb a hair longer. I like them better this way.

While in Fries, I saw the biggest, weirdest, ugliest bug (Julie got bit by it! It is, I have since learned, a Dobson fly. This is a female Dobson fly. The male ones have longer pincers):

And I won fifth place in the dance competition. This doesn't sound like the big deal that it was -- it's really hard to place in these dance competitions down on the Va/NC border... I dance verydifferently than they do there. As you can tell, I'm pretty excited (and pretty drenched). This was right before they made us leave the park. Julie and I were practically giddy (the band Julie played in placed first!). We couldn't hold still for a picture.

We spent the night with some friends in North Carolina. They have the sweetest German Shorthair (named Callie). She snuggles like a cat.

All in all, good times were had.


Leah said...

Congratulations!! Your action shot of your fetchings is really awesome!!

msubulldog said...

Okay, that bug is the scariest thing I've ever seen! Ack!
Your Fetchings look great--and what a beautiful fretless banjo for a backdrop. Wow.

Laura said...

congratulations! that's amazing! i wish i could see some of this dancing. do you have some video you could put on youtube? :)

that is the nastiest bug i have ever seen. and i lived in oklahoma and south america -- both places have some very weird bugs.

Chris said...

Congrats! I love the picture of you giving your Fetchings a workout. And that bug?! EEEEEEEK!

Theresa said...