17 August 2006

Question for spinners

I've got a question for any and all of you who spin. I'm acquiring some fleece from friends who have shorn their sheep. I'm interested in learning how to spin, but obviously this needs to be a low cost endeavor (given the whole dissertating-student-going-to-hawaii thing). So I've been thinking about drop spindle spinning. But I know next to nothing about it. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions on what kind of spindle to get (both design and make)? Ditto that for carders. Any help (or internet resources that are good, too) would be much appreciated!


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Meg said...

Jennie, I have a drop spindle in storage in my dad's basement that you would be welcome to have, if my dad can find it (I know exactly what the box looks like, so the chances are good). Let me know if you're interested. I'll email my dad in the meantime to get him looking. There are some other craft items in that box that I wouldn't mind having sent over...
(Sorry, I have no advice about spinning. I managed to get some fiber spun but I didn't enjoy it so didn't pursue it...)