04 February 2007


Thank you all for your lovely comments on my last post. Some of them made me tear up a little (but maybe I'm just feeling a little emotional these days).

This weekend took me across the central mountains on some before-I-leave-Appalachia adventures. On Friday, I headed out to the Hindman Settlement School in Hindman, Kentucky for a meeting of the Mountain Music Teachers Association. Although I'm not really a member, it was interesting for fieldwork and, more importantly (to some), there was a good jam that night.

When my fingers crapped out on me (I'm not used to playing guitar -- man, it kills your fingers if you don't have the right calluses! And I'm a wickedly bad fiddle player, so...), I knit. Pomatomus #2 also enjoyed the music (that's my friend James on the fiddle. I put his picture here because he laughed when I told him I had a knitting blog. Little does he know...).

And (for those of you who lamented the loss of beautiful mountain scenery that will be caused by my northern migration) when I woke up in Hindman in the morning, there was a lovely coating of sparkling snow.

Later Saturday afternoon, my friends Julie, Bethany, and James all headed down to North Carolina to hear the Red Stick Ramblers play at the Boone Saloon. A very, very good time was had by all, although I two-stepped so much that last night my knees were cracking like an old lady's and this morning my body hurt so much I could barely get up. A lot of time in the car, but well worth the drive. More knitting tomorrow.


clothesknit said...

sounds like a great weekend! how dare james scoff at a knitting blog!

Chris said...

Lovely shot from above the room! It does sound like a great weekend.

JulieFrick said...

What beautiful photographs! They make me wistful for some of my favorite places- a friend's farm where there's always a National Guitar to pick up, and the Purple Fiddle in Davis, West Virginia, which is a famliy-friendly ice cream and sandwich shop with a great stage at night!

Alison said...

I love that first shot, from above. That looks like such a warm and fun room to be in! And the second shot made me laugh.

(AND part of the "word verification" required for this comment is "jig," which seems particularly appropriate!)

Meg said...

Nothing better than a porch with some chairs and a hillside to watch the seasons pass by...