01 November 2006

Voyage from afar

** Disclaimer** for those of you who hate yarn-gift-related "bragging", you might want to skip this post. I don't mean it to be a "lookee what I got?" post, but rather more of a "amazed at the insane generosity of (almost) strangers" post. Take it as you will.

To make up for yesterday's frustration, today I was greeted by a welcome visitor: Leif Erikson stopped by on his adventures in the new world. I'll admit -- I knew he was coming. Kirstin was worried that I would be off in warmer climates when he arrived, so she double checked (through Amanda) before shipping him off. But this knowledge made the anticipation almost unbearable. And when he arrived, it totally made my day.

First of all, I want to say that I'm so psyched that I got the Leif Erikson box. I have always had a soft spot for good ol' Leif, ever since I was wee and my dad told me that he was actually the first to discover the so-called New World. I loved it that his name was Leif (probably because, at the time, I thought it was "Leaf". How hippie of me). I loved it that he was the underdog of explorers. Why doesn't he get his own holiday? Well, today we celebrated Leif.

Kirstin was TOO kind. The box was so full, it was bursting (no kidding! When I pulled it out of the USPS packaging, things were falling out. She had to use rubber bands to shut it), and full of all kinds of goodness. I am not to embarassed to admit that I actually teared up while opening it. How can someone who has never met me know me so well?

There were delicious things (K, I already ate two of those cookies... hot damn! They are something else! And oatmeal raisin is totally my fav):

There were musical things: (Those CDs are awesome and the magazine? Well, let's just say it's been so long since I've been in touch with the popular music scene that I've been a little confused when all y'all in the blogosphere start talking about the Decemberists. Who are these people? Well. Now I know).

Most importantly,there was yarn. Beautiful, beautiful yarn (Woolarina superwash sock yarn):

And yarn related goodies (those little pins are the cutest!):

Check out the way those stitch markers match my yarn:

I just want to say that Kirstin hit the nail on the head. I own no stitch markers. I always use random rings or earrings. Sometimes rubberbands (that's some hillbilly ingenuity). I love these. I started a project just so I could use them (don't worry, it's Christmas related). And the Yarn Harlot book? God, I've wanted one for ages and couldn't justify buying one because I've got so much work-related reading to do. This is gonna be one rockin' plane ride to Hawaii.

This was my first yarn exchange/gifting/secret pal type thing, and I'm just floored. Thank you so much!

And thank you from the kitties, who despite never expressing an interest in catnip before, went totally crazy over the stuff you sent. Phoebe was sniffing out the box minutes after I brought it in the house. When I tried to take the bag away from her after snapping this picture, she actually grabbed my hand. Sweet things.

Stay tuned to check out Leif's adventures in the mountains before he heads off to his next port.


Theresa said...

Enjoy the new project and the long plane ride to admire those stitch markers!

sprite said...

I'm glad you and the kitties enjoyed the box. You were a very obliging pal and gave me lots of ideas to work with.

(And the salty oat cookies? Highly addictive. And the only thing that will make me eat raisins. Usually I eat oatmeal raisin cookies over the trash can and throw out the raisins as I go along. Here they just seem to work.)

amanda said...

It all looks so fabulous! Salty oat cookies sound delish! Yarn and stitch markers too beautiful -- enjoy it all and I'm so glad it came just in the nick of time!

Teyani said...

what a lovely box of gifts - and hey... I have two black kitties too !

Chris said...

WOW. What an amazing goodie box!! I bet that was a great break in the stress for you. :)

Jennifer said...

what a fabulous box! and mine just arrived - i have to get my camera!